About the Quick Leadership Group

This newly established group consists of leadership training professionals who have worked together for many years for such clients as NASA, British Airways, Sony Pictures, Philip Morris International, Global Fund, United Airlines, and other clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Led by Brad Dude and Jim White, the Quick Leadership Group recognized the need for newly appointed or recently promoted leaders to receive rapid and immediate training before (or soon after) they assumed the duties of their new positions.  They also recognized the logistical difficulties involved in taking senior leaders away from their jobs for any length of time in order to attend training.

QLG’s new course, “Quick!  I Need to Be a Leader in 30 Days!” is designed to address both the logistical and timeliness issues associated with newly promoted leaders.  Live instruction will be provided via the Internet with additional learning materials supplementing instruction.  Participants will be able to schedule learning sessions early in the workweek from their own offices; receive weekly leadership assignments; and, discuss their progress at the end of the workweek with their assigned Strategic Leadership Advisor.

The QLG faculty consists of independent leadership instructors with private practices who have teamed together to provide this unique leadership learning experience.  For organizations enrolling 8 or more participants at once, an experiential, team-building learning module has been designed to insure the entire cohort achieves self-confidence.

Meet Faculty Members

Brad Dude

Owner, Brad Dude & Associates; Principal, Devbizexperts
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Dr. Rose Linda Martinez

President, Martinez Global Consulting
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Jeff Whitehead

President, Ascend Development Group
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Jim White

President, NextLevel Consultants
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