QLG faculty will certify that the participant demonstrates competency in the following leadership domains:


Through on-the-job assignments and a site visit by the QLG Strategic Leadership Advisor, each participant will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of leadership concepts, models, and tools and how to apply them effectively in a work setting.


Through debriefings of readings and discussions of on-the-job leadership challenges, the participant will demonstrate to QLG faculty that he/she is physically, mentally, and spiritually present when implementing leadership practices; takes leadership responsibilities seriously; and, is committed to making one’s organization an effective, efficient and robust working environment.

Continuous Improvement

Leaders recognize there is always a need for improvement, both in one’s personal skills, knowledge and attitudes, and in organizational processes. The participant will show QLG faculty that she/he continually seeks ways to learn and apply leadership principles and practices through the development of an Action Plan, in live instruction discussions, and in an Impact Paper.


To lead with integrity means telling the truth to others and oneself and acknowledging that personal reputation is the highest form of leadership influence. The Participant will demonstrate Integrity in part through a confidential feedback session and through his/her responses to live instruction, on-the-job assignments and other interactions with QLG faculty.


Through the confidential feedback session and/or the experiential leadership practicum, the participant will demonstrate how effectively working with others, especially followers, is critical to the success of any individual, team, division, department, organization—or leader.


The participant shall demonstrate a willingness to speak freely and to seek the opinions and viewpoints of others, especially followers. This will be assessed by the QLG Strategic Leadership Advisor through the Action Plan the participant develops to implement leadership practices tailored to meet the needs of his/her organization.


A leader who "empowers" actively encourages and supports various efforts of followers to take action on delegated tasks, especially when followers make mistakes. Participants will be assessed on this criterion by the Strategic Leadership Advisor through the confidential feedback session with followers, a review of Action Plans, and an evaluation of Impact Papers.


Effective leaders work to reduce delays so that deadlines and organizational goals can be met in a timely manner. Participants are expected to be punctual and fully attentive for all live instruction and complete assignments on time.